Yes, Come Hither! Enter and Join Us in the World Healing Revolution of Lesbian Led Gynarchy.

Lesbian Dommes
Lesbian Partner Dominas

Here is now a way to get the word out to the world about humane Gynosupremacy and Gynarchy.  Independent Lesbians and Womyn generally are fed up with men assuming their role as above Ours.  It is time for a healthy positive and progressive evolutionary change for O/our species and planet.  The patriarchal, male supremacist, misogynistic and classist and racist and ableist world has led to little not involving violence and unnecessary hurt, self-sabotage, depression, illness, superficiality, narcissism, internalized hatred, abuse, poverty, basic life hardship, misery, death, injustice, corruption, decay, and betrayal.

The ever-increasing current human trafficking and artillery/ammunitions and CPTSD/PTSD and personality disorders and clinical depression disorders and clinical anxiety disorders statistics are adequate factual places to begin proving Our point.  The time in which to seize power from often systemically unjust, often cruelly selfish, often impulsive and short-sighted groups and individuals is long overdue and ripe with equity-seeking Intersectional Feminism gaining ground, and psychological disorders and burnout (that W/we all have been warned to change or prepare for twenty+ years) and en masse poverty becoming the norm, globally.

Lesbian is a human group that is naturally more skilled in leading within a Gynarchy because Lesbians do not possess or exercise a sexual, romantic or sentimental need for men.  We are very capable of teaching men chastity, obedience, humility, selective speech, surrender, gratitude, self-discipline, and most importantly, respectful attention and sensitivity to Womyn, children, and Our most precious provider and home Mother Earth.

We, here, are Gynarchist Lesbian and Queer Dominas.  We have decided to lead Our Lesbian and other romantically non-hetero Matriarchal Sisters into Gynosupremacist Gynarchy and eventually reach every adult male in the sensible communication and direction of how they should and can take the necessary steps toward becoming a Female Supremacist political and domestic and sexual and lifestyle servant to Lesbians and all Womyn, Mothers, and the planet …as We A/all, present and future, deserve and need.

Please join Us in Lesbian Led Gynarchy, the only responsible future for O/our shared world!